Abhishek Shah

Computer Science Engineer


Henry Kaufman’s words, “No matter how important we all think we are as individuals; we better recognize our role in society”, have spurred me onto a journey of self-discovery and inspired me to create impact through my work.
I am a Final Year Computer Engineering student at Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s College of Engineering and Technology, Pune. Through my coursework and internship experiences, I have fine-tuned my ability to analyse data and appreciate the complexity of business processes. Upon completion of my degree, I will be equipped to solve the most demanding and pressing problems of the industry.
I often participate in activities that would diversify my skill set. This helps me work through different situations and collaborate with different people. I am enamoured with playing Table Tennis and love the thrill of winning and overcoming the challenges posed by my opponents. Furthermore, I am a very affable individual who can easily connect with diverse individuals. Being an extrovert helps me become a people-person, understand people at a personal level, effectively communicate with everyone, and lead them better.
I look forward to working in a role where I can leverage my skills learned through my experiences and pursue my passion for solving problems and creating solutions that make the user’s lives better. I am actively seeking job opportunities (May 2020) in Software Development/ Mobile Engineering/ Business Intelligence/ Product Management roles.

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    +91 9028531389
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  • Date of birth
    August 7th 1998
  • Languages
    English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati


Software Development


Mobile Application Development


Web Development


Project Management





8.00 GPA


• Licensee and Organiser – TEDxPVGCOET.
• General Secretary – Association of Computer Engineering Students, PVG’s COET .
• Technical Head – Entrepreneurship Development Cell.
• Facilitator – Hackathons 101, Web Development and Design Community.
• Member – Product Innovation Lab.
• Member – Science Forum for A.Y. 2016-17.


Intern, Information Technology - Mercedes Benz India Pvt. Ltd.

December 2019 - February 2020

• Collaborated within an agile team structure as a web developer for development of ‘Declaration of Consent’ project – a portal for documenting, storing and retrieval of declaration of consents collected by MBIL, DFS and Authorized Dealers.
• Assisted in development of Sales Planning Simulation tool, which acts as an important intermediator between production planning and sales planning.
• Designed and optimized process documentation for processes to be automated using RPA.
• Authored Business Requirement Documents and formulated a Business Continuity Plan for digital transformation of the Homologation project.

Flask Web Development Intern - Anubhooti Solutions

January 2019 - February 2019

• Assisted in development of web application using Flask to host Python based speech-to-text application.
• Developed User Authentication to implement pay-per-use system. Implemented using SQL Alchemy.
• Collaborated with Product Management and UX experts regarding product definition, schedule, scope related decisions.

Android Development Intern - DOS India

July 2018 - August 2018

• Developed an Android application for ‘Industrial Automation and Process Control Data Logging’.
• The application collected data from the Bluetooth module and parsed it into various exportable formats.
• Further analysed the gathered data for equipment reliability studies.

Web Development Intern - Collegepond

July 2018 - August 2018


Need a hand, or a High-Five? Here is how you can reach me!

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    +91 9028531389
  • E-mail
  • Address
    B2-203, Antheia, Pimpri, Pune 411018


Drop me a line or shoot me riddle. You have got a q’ and I have got tons of stories to tell! Ask me about a technology, a product, what should you name your puppy… anything I can help with! Don’t be shy, I promise I am really nice!

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